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Located just outside of Dallas/Plano Texas on 2.2 acres

Approximately 3 hrs from Austin, 4 hrs from Houston, 5 hrs from San Antonio Texas


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Goldenwind Golden Retrievers

We have been Golden Retriever breeders in Texas since 1999 and are one of the top Golden Retriever breeders in Texas.  Goldenwind Golden Retriever puppies are raised in our private home in our bedroom/family/living room areas.  Ellen is home full time where she spends most of her day with them from the moment they arrive until they day they go to their new homes.  Most importantly, our puppies are center stage in the middle of family life here at Goldenwind.  This offers our Golden Retriever puppies optimum opportunities for both human and littermate socialization which is a necessity at this stage of their  lives.

Once we start the weaning process, the puppies are moved to a large playpen (approximately 8′ x 8′) in our living room.  This is where they are afforded the ability to hear and see everything around them.   This includes loud televisions, stereo music, vacuums, doorbells, telephones ringing, doors opening and closing, thunder and rain sounds, kitchen pots and pans clanging, etc.  When our Golden Retriever puppies are ready for their new homes at approximatley 8 weeks of age, they have been exposed to most household situations and noises that they will have with their new familes.  


We are proud to be the home of

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Our Credentials & Affiliations:

  • American Kennel Club Breeders Of Merit (Golden Retrievers and Brittanys)
  • Golden Retriever Club Of American (GRCA)
  • Dallas-Ft. Worth Metro Golden Retriever Club
  • ArkLaTex Golden Retriever Club – ‘Founding Members’
  • Texas Golden Retriever Breeders Public Education Network
  • Dallas/Fort Worth Golden Retriever Rescue (DFWGRR)
  • Dallas/Fort Worth Golden Retriever Rescue Medical Coordinator


Experience as Board Members and Volunteers:

Alan Meyer:

Alan served on the DFWMGRC Board Of Directors in the positions of Vice President and Board Member At Large.  In addition, he had served as their Specialty Show Chairman, Chief Ring Steward, and “Bench Committee Chair”.  He has also been a member and active volunteer of DFWGRR.   To his credit, Alan even dressed up as Santa to pose with the dogs for the annual Santa Paws fundraisers.  Most noteworthy, Alan wrote the DFWMGRC Member Column for the Golden Retriever News.  The Golden Retriever News is the official publication of the Golden Retriever Club Of America.

Ellen Meyer:  

Ellen served on the DFWMGRC Puppy Referral Committee as both “Chair” and as a Puppy Referral Volunteer. In addition, she had been an active member and volunteer of the Dallas/Fort Worth Golden Retriever Rescue.  Ellen has an extensive knowledge of health issues in the Golden Retriever.  For that reason, Ellen was invited to be the DFWGRR Medical Coordinator in 2009.  She also served on the DFWGRR Board and had been active in fundraising for Rescue.  In fact, Ellen personally helped to raise over $1000 in sponsorships and silent auction merchandise for the Annual Sporting Chance Golf Tournament.  Additionally, Ellen was responsible for marketing and selling the Golden Retriever Rescue tee shirts.  The “Adopt A Rescue Golden” was a fund raiser for Golden Retriever Rescue for many years.


Reputable Texas Golden Retriever Breeders get ‘Health Clearances’

The Golden Retriever Club Of America requires that any member of the GRCA use the GRCA Code Of Ethics as a guideline for breeding.  Therefore, Reputable Texas Golden Retriever breeders should have testing done for hips, elbows, heart and eye disease.  Those would include hip/elbow dysplasia, heart disease such as subvalvular aoertic stenosis (SAS) and inherited eye disorders.  Most importantly, Hip and Elbow radiographs must be evaluated by a panel of 3 OFA Board Certified Orthopedists.  Additionally, Eye exams must be done by a Board Certified Canine Ophthalmologist.   Finally, Heart exams must be done by a Board Certified Canine Cardiologist.

Occasionally, a reputable breeder may breed a dog or a bitch just prior to 24 months and in that case they will have the preliminary reports from the Orthopedic Foundation For Animals (OFA) for hips and elbows.   Most important, when bred after the age of 24 months, hip and elbows testing should be updated and submitted to OFA for the final certificates.

Therefore, we suggest asking for copies of the hip, elbow, heart and eye clearances for both sire and dam of any litter or puppy that is being offered for sale.  Specifically, you may look for that information on the Orthopedic Foundation For Animals website (www.offa.org)  A breeder should be able to produce the OFA certificates and/or reports from a board certified radiologist, board certified cardiologist and a board certified ophthalmologist.



Reputable Texas Golden Retriever Breeders will also follow the American Kennel Club Code Of Sportsmanship

One would think that it should go without saying that Sportsmanship is very important in any competitive sport.   However, that doesn’t always occur, therefore the AKC wrote a Code Of Sportsmanship as a guide for it’s competitors.  We believe someone’s ethics say a lot about them.  Actions truly can speak louder than words. We hope that you will see that with any Golden Retriever exhibitor you may meet.